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Statement of Purpose ~ ~ by Sam Waltz, Founder

‘The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why’, said Mark Twain.

I’m not here to evangelize. Neither am I here to proselytize. Nor am I here to convert. Or preach.

Rather, in the spirit of Mark Twain’s quote, I’m here to support that sense of purpose to which each of us is born.

Either we believe that all of life is random and purposeless. Or we believe that each of us is imbued with certain talents, as well as time and perhaps even treasure, and that we’re born to an opportunity for a purpose, or perhaps even a purpose in some Divine Plan.

I believe that there is a Divine Plan, and that a Creator power has given us the talent, time and treasure to make a difference in people’s lives.

Whether one is a Believer in one of the globe’s five or six major faiths, or whether someone is not, but simply spiritual, each of us comes with the ability to make a difference in the lives of others as well as ourselves.

Cynics enjoy a certain narcissism that puts themselves at the center of their universes, and too often their defining distrust and skepticism of others is a corrupting force that reduces their expectations as well for themselves, becoming an excuse for bad behavior.

Rather, if one believes in a purposefulness of life, of existence, in effect, a Divine Plan reminiscent of Mark Twain’s observation, then our quest is to make a difference, to touch lives, to create a legacy.

Existence, even the essence of life, gives us a series of inflection points where not only can we make a difference every day but rather where we are challenged to make a difference every day.

People who become members of LLC are individuals who seek to make that difference.

Absent employment in a larger organizational culture, each is free as the self-employed to determine where, when and how each works, and why. The culture of what each does is what each chooses to construct. LLC is created to help each of these people to grow, to help each of us grow…
Ø Professionally;
Ø Personally;
Ø In Business, among those we serve;
Ø In the Community, in our Civic Life; and
Ø In her or his sense of Purpose, of Legacy.

Those inflection points of Opportunity never will go away, and each of us is free to engage them as long as each of us wants to do so. is here to be a partner in that, to help us find that sense of Why, of Purpose of Destiny, and to do more with it.

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