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About Alliance 1099

Creating a Community of the World’s Best 1099 Independent Contractor Professionals:

Helping You be Your Best You, Establishing Competitive Equity as a Professional, a BusinessPerson, and a Person, through Deep Authentic Relationships with your God, your Family, your Community and your Stakeholders, including your Clients!

Helping IRS Form 1099 Independent Contractors to be their Best Independent Contractor (IC) Selves via Planning, Professional Development and Provision of Critical Services; providing them the Tools to a Preferential USP (Unique Selling Proposition) Positioning in the Marketplace because of that; and serving as a multi-discipline Professional Society to Promote Ethics, Purpose, Growth, Success, Network Development and Fellowship.

We are a Professional Society, with Customary Focus on Ethics & Professional Standards, News & Information, Plus…

  • Professional Society Roles
  • Community Building & Representation: Advocacy, Education & Info
  • Professional Development
  • Business Development
  • Publications & Events
  • Master Mind Groups
  • Essential Services for Independent Professionals / Entrepreneurs
  • VIP Membership Access Options
  • Legal Assistance / Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR")
  • Featured Blogs & Vlogs
  • Wealth Management
  • Insurance / Tax Advice
  • Training Programs & Certifications
  • Jan 2020 International Conference Attendance Tickets
  • Professional Website Development
  • Round Table Membership Options (region-preferred available)
  • Individualized, Info Hub Web Page
  • Preferred Vendor Discounts
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